e-Learners' Teacher-Facilitator: I've spent a considerable amount of the time this week with my laptop.  There have been a few very early mornings and 1-2 late nighters.  It took me 4 hours to create and upload the 2 day timetable then enter information into my google calendar.  I seem to get so hooked in what I am dabbling with or finishing, that time just passes quickly!   

This week we welcomed yet another member to our team:)  Students are becoming more aware of our daily routine, developing confidence in themselves as e-learners and working alongisde like-minded 'others' is definitely a bonus for yes, both parties. They have achieved alot in terms of work using web2tools, getting their first e-mails to e-pals in Canada away, designing on-line surveys for the Life Round Here Project, skyping again.... amongst alot of 'hard-out' thinking and learning.  They are beginning to take care by focusing more on spelling and grammatical errors.  I have also noticed the need to revisit the 7 servants and prompt them to reframe their questions.  Persistence and managing self are two values 'on the cards' this week.

Noel asked that I share the e-Learners journey with staff at our Tuesday hui.  I probably spoke far too long - am so passionate about what we are doing:O 

RELLCO are calling for Presenters and as the theme is 'improving student outcomes' I am considering taking 4 students and presenting a workshop on 'Outcomes from an e-Learners perspective'....more to come on that later")

PeaK-ICT: Our wiki has had quite a makeover and  I am still working on a number of pages.  It really does take some time to get information on-line.  Would love to have other contributors add to pages - work on that one.  Off to the Learning at School Conference next week. 

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    Paving the Way...

    My Goals for Term 1, 2011

    Self and Well-Being:
    I will record discoveries, insights and inspirational ideas in my reflective blog every week. I will complete one sit in silence meditation session every week.

    Home and Family: I will spend quality time with my family every week.  I will pan a special dinner for my family and I every month.

    Business and Career:  I will set up and continually support a professional learning network.  I will take one weekend off from work every month.

    Community and Humanity:  
    I will do 'one green thing' that will benefit others and or/the planet
    . I will practice three or more random acts of random kindness every week.


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