Mollie-Rose, Shawn, Zac and Taylor will join me as we present at the above-mentioned conference Term 2, Week 3.  Here's a synposis of what we intend covering:

What E-Learners Think, Say & Do Really Does Make A Difference!  - Jeanette Murphy, Peak-ICT

With a focus on ‘student voice,’ four e-learners, alongside their teacher Whaea Jeanette will discuss what a 2 day digital classroom looks like, feels like and sounds like for them.  They will report on improving student outcomes from an e-learners perspective and how easy it is to incorporate just a few simple, yet practical thinking tools and strategies into the classroom programme. Those attending will come away knowing what is necessary when thinking about setting up an e-learning environment and how important it is to include students and ‘choice’ in the classroom planning and decision-making process.

05/03/2011 02:27

we it is getting late and I need sleep need to go to work and a class i haven't shown up in for awhile. btw i need to type a paper for that. well goodnight for whoever reads this. Oh I will be recording for Hillcrest's, if I can get a ride lol, Talent show but if not then IDK what we will be able to do and I will get paid.


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    Paving the Way...

    My Goals for Term 1, 2011

    Self and Well-Being:
    I will record discoveries, insights and inspirational ideas in my reflective blog every week. I will complete one sit in silence meditation session every week.

    Home and Family: I will spend quality time with my family every week.  I will pan a special dinner for my family and I every month.

    Business and Career:  I will set up and continually support a professional learning network.  I will take one weekend off from work every month.

    Community and Humanity:  
    I will do 'one green thing' that will benefit others and or/the planet
    . I will practice three or more random acts of random kindness every week.


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