Another gr8 week with e-Learners.  We are still setting up 'people' systems that work.

Putauaki: Need to set up gmail accounts and begin weeblies.  Many students very familiar with Office and ready for web2.

Edgecumbe: Started looking at rules as expectaions and digital photography.  Important for students to know the basics of photography and to be both responsible and respectful when using technlogical equipment. 

We have 2 additions to the class so the computer suite is now FULL.  It will be three week's before I am back there again....

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    Paving the Way...

    My Goals for Term 1, 2011

    Self and Well-Being:
    I will record discoveries, insights and inspirational ideas in my reflective blog every week. I will complete one sit in silence meditation session every week.

    Home and Family: I will spend quality time with my family every week.  I will pan a special dinner for my family and I every month.

    Business and Career:  I will set up and continually support a professional learning network.  I will take one weekend off from work every month.

    Community and Humanity:  
    I will do 'one green thing' that will benefit others and or/the planet
    . I will practice three or more random acts of random kindness every week.


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