e-Learners' Teacher-Facilitator: As we had an e-learner leave the group last week, we've had two other students in today observing. With the help of their home teacher, we were conclusively able to decide on one of them joining our group ...so...I now welcome in Esther.  I am confident that her thinking and learning journey with us will be a long and very prosperous one:)

We started the morning off with a review of last week's tasks and achievements and progressed on to a group T-chart activity that required students to think critically about rules as expections and responsibilities as an e-Learner.  They also had to consider a strength, weakness and so what for each idea that they also came up with.  It was very interesting to see the group dynamics and need I say lack of ability at times to think ocritically and creatively 'outside the square'.  We need to work more on developing this skill so that students as e-learners are activity thinking about basically everything!

Online polls created in Survey Monkey are starting to filter out by e-mail to selected teachers and e-pals are starting to e-mail back.  I must work continually work alongside e-leaners re: reframing questions and guiding/targeting information for the right purposes.

I spent some time talking and interacting with students about the left and right hemispheres today and that went down rather well.  I am impressed how much they enjoy this very broad thinking and learning journey.  Thank goodness for the key conecpts and ability to stay focussed on the topic at hand being "Me and My Environment".  Now.....on to another wonderful day tomorrow:O

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