I've just read an article about FIVE Habits of Mind (and the defined success indicators) demonstrated by students who engage in an online environment. 

In my view and to summarise the habit striving for accuracy, it is interesting how after some time, students as e-Learners will demonstrate this mannerism  effortlessly because they know their work is and will be viewed instantaneously by many others both locally and globally.  I guess having  the power and control to personalise information as long as the set criteria has been met is an added bonus for e-Learners.

I've stumbled too on another video called learning and motivation in the 21st century.  Like the habits of mind, it is about preparing students for their future (not our past).  As I am unable to embed the clip, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_6GUx1Zx0w

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    Paving the Way...

    My Goals for Term 1, 2011

    Self and Well-Being:
    I will record discoveries, insights and inspirational ideas in my reflective blog every week. I will complete one sit in silence meditation session every week.

    Home and Family: I will spend quality time with my family every week.  I will pan a special dinner for my family and I every month.

    Business and Career:  I will set up and continually support a professional learning network.  I will take one weekend off from work every month.

    Community and Humanity:  
    I will do 'one green thing' that will benefit others and or/the planet
    . I will practice three or more random acts of random kindness every week.


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