Last week I was sick and so it was great to be back on site for 2 days anyway.  We had covered so much in the first two week's this Term that given my absence, it was important to revisit information and reaffirm our thinking.

e-Learners also realise I am away next week writing the third milestone for our ICTPD cluster.  So...when I am back on deck yet again I will have to re-motivate and reaffirm where we are exactly.  Time to think and time to play.  Absence from the e-classroom does make the heart and mind grow fonder:)

06/20/2010 16:39

hey whaea your weeblt is looking great i like all of the diffrent tolls you have and all of the links i tryed worked.:) I enjoyed looking at all of the colours you have and the pictures of your cats and the E-Learners team its great to see it all in order i like the layout to btw :)

Rhys Jones
06/20/2010 16:40

I loved the way you made the black and the green go together and the amount of work you put into it. i'm sorry but there is only 1 thing wrong most or all of the pictures have no colour BUT that is the only thing

Cool Page : Rhys

06/20/2010 16:51

hey whaea roger here i like your weebly alot especially all of your presentations but the 1 i like the best is your tessalations its real cool because of all the things you can do with logos just by rotating


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