I do believe students as e-learners are becoming more familiar with our class routine and love the pre-thinking activities that result from introducing Tony Ryan's thinkers keys.

This week students are assessing themselves yet again as great thinkers and learners.  We are creating rubrics for weebly tasks, voicethread and their up-coming videos.  I am so looking forward to viewing their final products.

I have used the phrase Karen mentioned, "In a moment but not just yet..." today and it really did have students pausing voluntarily before beginning the task.  I also quoted "never work harder than your students" and four of them enjoyed the 'there are ____ mistakes...can you find them' and C3B4Me approach to work.  Both strategies worked like a charm as students were chuffed with the challenge and being able to ask for a little extra help from others as well.

One thing I learnt about voicethread today is....what you make can be deleted by someone else.  One of my students created an amazing voicethread presentation last week only to find that when she went back to edit it the words 'this voicethread has been deleted by the user' came up.  So I have e-mailed for help.  It seems really odd (more to the point - unsecure) that this sort of thing can happen.

We were left with a class of six this afternoon.  Real quiet in the house and time for 1:1 conferencing and catch-ups:)

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