It's the start of Term and I am this year covering two e-Learners' classes.  I have Putauaki students on Mondays and Room 14 from Edgecumbe on Fridays.  Most of the planning and timetables for both classes will be similar. 

Putauaki: I am this year working again with 16 students and feel lucky to have 5 e-Learners from last year return to the group - one who has been with me nearly two years already!  It will be interesting to see just how much we can cover in one day.  Term 1 is already looking a little 'flexible' as students are often testing or go swimming in the afternoons.

Edgecumbe: A whole new ball game with about 26 students working into an environment that has two separate spaces.  The online ICT capabilities survey will give us all an indication of what skills are required before we even consider embarking on the e-Learners thinking and learning journey:)
Another gr8 week with e-Learners.  We are still setting up 'people' systems that work.

Putauaki: Need to set up gmail accounts and begin weeblies.  Many students very familiar with Office and ready for web2.

Edgecumbe: Started looking at rules as expectaions and digital photography.  Important for students to know the basics of photography and to be both responsible and respectful when using technlogical equipment. 

We have 2 additions to the class so the computer suite is now FULL.  It will be three week's before I am back there again....
I realise this week that I've over-planned for both classes (as I do) however that is not a bad thing.  I just have to prioritise what is authentic just-in-time learning, that will also provide students with a foundation of ICT skills they can use in an instant.  I also need to keep my digital camera handy.

Edgecumbe:  Class blog set up with a timetable and student work will eventually be uploaded.  I have to consider what assessment tasks are to be completed and displayed.  It will be neat to also have a group of e-Learners contributing work.  Must learn students' names and create an organisation/layout sheet.

Putauaki: Great to be back in the ICT thinking and learning space.  Spend most of the morning getting to know students and sharing.  This group is made up of three classes of students so finding out about classmates is very, very important. 
The Term has been very busy and I have failed to keep up with blog reflections every week.  I created a new blog for e-Learners: where alot of our information, reflection and review is being stored.

Many of the tasks and activities this Term involve digital photography, capturing evidential data and the use of slideshare.

It's fab to be back at school with the Y7-Y8 e-Learners.  The computer suite is finally up and running and we are this Term focusing on our integrated inquiry topic, Me and My Digital World.  I have a host of tasks that include photographic art to share with the group. 
Last week I was sick and so it was great to be back on site for 2 days anyway.  We had covered so much in the first two week's this Term that given my absence, it was important to revisit information and reaffirm our thinking.

e-Learners also realise I am away next week writing the third milestone for our ICTPD cluster.  So...when I am back on deck yet again I will have to re-motivate and reaffirm where we are exactly.  Time to think and time to play.  Absence from the e-classroom does make the heart and mind grow fonder:)
Our workshop was I believe (given the feedback and feed forward) a success as 4 e-Learners presented themselves in a very professional manner and enjoyed 'sandpit time' with teachers who attended our session.

What made the whole day come together...
* Branding - t-shirts, lanyards and business cards gave that professional EDGE!
* Setting up the workshop area in advance and making sure IT equipment worked
* Rehearsing, modifying and 'winging' parts of our presentation
* Carol (mum of Shawn) transporting students over to Rotorua
* Mr More being there and supporting our thinking and learning journey
* Reflection and wind down time at the end

We have since sparked interest from a number of BOP schools and over the Term we envisage visits from a few.

Yes, a fabulous day had by all.  We now forward to planning a couple of workshops for our up-coming PeaK-ICT Conference in August:)
 I spent a bit of time over the holidays creating resources for our nine week's ahead and planning extensively for this group of e-Learners so being back at work this week was a real breeze!

Highlights for our two day's include: working with messy real-life data and creating graphs, making playdough brain models and ending our week with a couple of games of twister.

Next week: 1:1 conferencing starts, we set goals and learn about dendrites:)
Mollie-Rose, Shawn, Zac and Taylor will join me as we present at the above-mentioned conference Term 2, Week 3.  Here's a synposis of what we intend covering:

What E-Learners Think, Say & Do Really Does Make A Difference!  - Jeanette Murphy, Peak-ICT

With a focus on ‘student voice,’ four e-learners, alongside their teacher Whaea Jeanette will discuss what a 2 day digital classroom looks like, feels like and sounds like for them.  They will report on improving student outcomes from an e-learners perspective and how easy it is to incorporate just a few simple, yet practical thinking tools and strategies into the classroom programme. Those attending will come away knowing what is necessary when thinking about setting up an e-learning environment and how important it is to include students and ‘choice’ in the classroom planning and decision-making process.
Last day with e-Learners for Term 1: I started this morning by revisiting our topic "Me and Me Environment" to see how e-learners felt about the big question posed at the beginning of our integrated inquiry topic and also whether we had covered the subsidiary questions.  I then went into talking about our next topic Me and My Brain.  e-Learners came up with some very interesting questions as wonderings that I will use as the basis or foundation of my classroom planning for T2.

It's now the eleventh hour and e-learners are writing up their last blog reflections for the Term.  I told them this morning how much I really do enjoy the two days and that e-learning really does make a difference!

In about 10 minutes we will enter into a few brain strain games and play Conga. I am really looking forward to the holidays...although I do have quite a bit of work to do.... 

    Paving the Way...

    My Goals for Term 1, 2011

    Self and Well-Being:
    I will record discoveries, insights and inspirational ideas in my reflective blog every week. I will complete one sit in silence meditation session every week.

    Home and Family: I will spend quality time with my family every week.  I will pan a special dinner for my family and I every month.

    Business and Career:  I will set up and continually support a professional learning network.  I will take one weekend off from work every month.

    Community and Humanity:  
    I will do 'one green thing' that will benefit others and or/the planet
    . I will practice three or more random acts of random kindness every week.


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